Fancy summer festival in the beautiful city of Kyoto

As a child, I felt the beginning of the summer when hearing people practicing Ohayashi (festival music) at night.

Festivals are very important to the local people as they notify the coming of the seasons.

The scent and sound are ingrained in our hearts as memories of festivals.

Kyoto Gion Matsuri is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan.

The sound of the festival music, “kon-chiki-chin” may herald the beginning of summer to the people who grew up in Kyoto.

The Gion Matsuri has a long history, which started in year 869.

It begins with Kippu-iri on July 1st, followed by various festive events such as Yoiyama, Yamahoko-junko, Shinko-sai, and Hanagasa-junko, ending with Eki-jinja nagoshi-sai on July 31st.

A month when the beautiful and elegant landscape of Kyoto fills up with exciting festive vibes, making it all the more glamorous.

Why not visit Kyoto during summer to see this historical festival that transcends time?

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