The fierce and courageous men, a sign of a true edokko

In the elegant downtown district of Tokyo, Asakusa, you can hear the powerful calls of the edokko (a person born and raised in Edo, Tokyo), wearing their happi coat and carrying a mikoshi (portable shrine).

Sanja Matsuri is a great example that depicts Japanese festivals, as fierce and courageous men create the festival with their whole hearted passion.

When the quarrelsome edokko gather together, small fights and injuries are inevitable as well as loud calls or even yelling.

You might hold your breath, witnessing this powerful and energetic scene filled with a huge crowd of people.

Time goes by and sceneries change, however, the strong spirit of the edokko carrying the mikoshi and their passion and aesthetics towards the festival will never seize.

Either in the past, present, or future, we hope that this fierce festival of true edokko carrying a mikoshi will not disappear from the Japanese culture.

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