Donít think, just dance

There is no one who does not like the atmosphere of festivals.

During summer, if you see people dressed in beautiful yukata (cotton summer kimonos) on a train or a street, you get uneasy, thinking that there must be some festival going on somewhere today, and you are missing out on it.

Festivals are a good opportunity to reconsider the Japanese tradition which you tend to dismiss in every day life.

Gifu Gujo Odori is a dance festival that takes place in Gujo Hachiman, a beautiful town rich in nature.

A surprising fact is that it lasts for as much as two months during the summer.

The highlight of the festival is the all-nighter dance that takes place for four days from August 13th through 16th.

From adults to children and locals to tourists, they all continue to dance together throughout the night till morning comes.

Anyone is welcome to join! You donít have to know how to dance or be good dancers.

What matters most is to keep dancing together, not watch.

The lively faces of each dancer shine throughout the town during the festival.

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