Festival in Kochi, a mecca for sake lovers

Japanese festivals come with fireworks, vendors, bon odori, and mikoshi (portable shrines).

Another thing that goes without to energize the out-of-the-ordinary event is sake, or alcohol.

If you are a sake lover, there is a big-scaled, unique festival perfect for you.

It is called “Tosa Akaoka Dorome Matsuri” in Kochi where it is known for its large population of heavy alcohol drinkers.

The main event of this festival is “Binge Drinking Competition”.

Men drink 1.8 liters of Japanese sake and women drink 0.9 liters in a big cup without taking a breath.

They compete for their time and the way they drink it up.

The event is dynamic enough to have surprised Rui Yoshida, a bar hopping poet.

The festival has a homie atmosphere, with good enough looseness.

Sake lovers gather around for this festival from all around Japan, communicate with each other through drinking sake, and enjoy the very moment. You may only find such scene in Japan.

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