Fascinated by Awa Odori Dance

Awa Odori Dance Festival in Tokushima is known for its well-known phrase, “Dancing fools and watching fools. Both are the same fools, so why not dance?”

True to the phrase itself, you might feel like jumping in and dancing yourself when watching other people dance. Such dancers, purely enjoying the dance, move people’s hearts.

Awa Odori in Tokushima with its history of about 400 years is a Bon Odori (dance) that Japan is proud of.

It is popular not only in Japan but also abroad, attracting about 1.3 million people and mobilizing about 100 thousand dancers.

The fascinating festival was introduced in a large-scale event in Paris, where the calls of “Yattosa” echoed throughout and fascinated people in France as well.

Dancers dance without thinking but by feeling the certain rhythm and putting their all into the dance.

It goes without saying that this energetic dance, with male dancing and female dancing combined or separate, present the hottest four days in Japan.

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