Aomori Nebuta Festival?Putting everything into the festival

A special moment that transforms a normally quiet town to an energetic one filled with lots of people.

During the festival, the entire town is filled with the vibes of a festival, unifying all the people with the “Matsuri (festival)” atmosphere and offering them with an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Unique festivals are held locally throughout Japan.

Among them, Aomori Nebuta Festival is known by many people in Japan through media.

Nebutas that carry papier-mâché dolls and many dancers march vibrantly throughout the city of Aomori, with the unique cheer of “Rassera, rassera”.

People dance, cheer, and enjoy the short summer of the Tohoku region to its fullest.

The cheers keep echoing in your ears for a while as you reminisce the festival even after it’s over.

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