Okinawan’s soul dance, Eisa

Okinawa has its native word “chim don-don”, which means high excitement.

Eisa is a seasonal tradition of Okinawa during the Obon Festival of the lunar calendar, and the dance captivates the souls of everyone who sees it.

On the first weekend after the Obon Festival, finalist groups of youngsters from local regions throughout Okinawa meet in Okinawa City, a mecca of Eisa.

Since birth, Okinawans have lived with Eisa music and dance which originates from a tradition of ancestor worshiping. The dance moves must come out so natural for them.

Eisa in each region has different dance styles and uses different types of drums. It is well worth comparing each dance and seeing the dances of the Okinawan’s souls, under the hot summer sky of Okinawa.

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