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Todaiji’s Omizutori festival 0

Omizutori is one of the events that take place each year in the Nigatsudo of Nara Todaiji Temple.
Formally called the “Shunie”.

“Ootaimatsu” that takes place every day during the period, is lit as lights to illuminate the foot of the monks to participate in this Buddhist event.

Among them are carried out on March 12, “Kagotaimatsu”?weight 70kg, total length of about 8m? is special, appeared larger torches one size than usual, the flame ran around the corridor of Nigatsudo.

March 1 – March 14
Harushika?Japanese Sake?
Nigatsudo of Todaiji Temple
Take a bus of JR Kintetsunara city circulation bus and 5 minutes walk after getting off “Daibutuden Kasugataisya Mae”

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