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Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival 0

This festival as a Taisai(festival to perform on a large scale) of Kushida shrine is a total guardian of Hakata, boasts a history of 770 years or more.

The Fukuoka city around is decorated with “Kazari Yamakasa” and “Kaki Yamakasa”, starting from the events to pray for accident-free “Oshioi-tori”.

In a highlight “Oiyama Narashi” to be carried out on July 12 and “Syudan Yamamise” takes place on July 13, are Yamakasa will cruise from the Fukuoka area in Hakata area.

July 1 – July 15
Fukuroh(Barley shochu)
Fukuoka city, The center of the old Hakata-bu、Kushida Shrine
5 minutes walk from Subway Gion Sta.

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