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Doburoku Festival 0

Over October from the end of September each year, in the Shirakawa-go will be made Doburoku Festival that is to pray for the huge harvest, safety of one’s family, and peace of village to the God of the mountain.

At the shrine of each district of Shirakawa-mura, Shinto ritual is performed such as Goshinko, Shishimai, Folk songs and dance surrounding the history and folklore.

As the name suggests, “Doburoku” is used as a libation to the festival, and the biggest feature that is also served to the people.

October 14 – October 19
Shirakawago(Japanese Sake)
Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine, Hatoya Hachiman Shrine、Iijima Hachiman Shrine
50 minutes by bus from JR Takayama Sta. and 7 minutes walk after getting off at the Shirakawago

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