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Daimonji Gozan Okuribi 0

This event is an impressive tradition to represent the summer appearing character of flame in the night sky of Kyoto.

One of the Kyoto four major events lined up in “Aoi Matsuri”, “Gion Festival” and “Jidai Festival”.

Among the clearly emerge characters in the night sky of summer, ceremonial bonfire of the “Daimonji” to be carried out in Higashiyama Nyoigatake on August 16, is very famous.

August 16
Eikun?Japanese Sake?
Jodoji Sakyo-ku Kyoto Mt.Daimonji?Nyoigatake?, etc.
Take a bus of Kyoto city bus from Keihan “Sanjyo Sta.” and get off “Ginkakuji-Michi”

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